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Mini-split systems are increasingly becoming a popular air conditioning choice among residential and commercial property owners. Instead of targeting the entire house, the ductless heating and cooling units allow you to control temperatures in individual rooms or spaces within your building.

The mini-split systems offer some decent features, which make the units a great option, especially in buildings where the ductwork system is impractical. However, make sure you find a trained and experienced technician for a mini-split AC installation to get the most of your unit.

What are the Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split System?

Lower utility bills

While mini-split units are a more expensive investment than most traditional systems, their incredible energy-saving ability makes them an excellent choice. You will not only eliminate the risk of energy wastage through leaks in the ductwork but also avoid heating or cooling unoccupied spaces. Each zone will have a thermostat to condition that space when need, thus saving energy.

Energy Star certified systems have sophisticated cooling components that can help save up to 30% in cooling costs. Since the units are also designed to transfer heat rather than generate it, they can lower your heating costs by up to 60% when compared to using conventional heaters.

Improved comfort and indoor air quality

Since the zone control allows you to adjust the temperature for individual rooms, it becomes easier to achieve a customized high level of comfort for each space. Also, the ductless system does not pick and circulate allergens and pollutants throughout your building. It uses multiple filtration techniques that help prevent allergy symptoms and other health conditions, such as asthma.

Quiet operation

Ductwork is susceptible to leaks, debris build-up, and pest infestation, which can result in uncomfortable sounds. Installing a mini-split saves you this inconvenience. With its whisper technology, you may not even realize the system is running.

Small size and flexible options

Mini-splits are available in small sizes, which are ideal for installation almost anywhere on the wall. They can also be suspended from the ceiling. There are floor-standing models as well.

What’s great, you will find some stylish designs that flawlessly blend into your rooms. And when the units are set up on hard-to-reach areas, you can adjust the temperature zones by remote control or through your smartphone.

Lower environmental impact

Heating and cooling your building has a significant impact on your carbon footprint. If you care about future generations and making our planet a better place, then changing to ductless is one way to reduce your environmental impact. When you reduce your household energy use, you also reduce your total carbon output.

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If you need professional ductless mini split installation & replacement services in San Antonio, Texas Air Repair can help. Our skilled and fully insured service technicians can handle installation, replacement, maintenance, and repairs of any mini-split model. Call (210) 380-8000 to speak to one of our mini split installation technicians.

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