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Air Duct Sanitizing in San Antonio, TX

Air Duct Sanitizing In San Antonio – What is it and What Does it Do?

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Cleaning alone does not reduce the microorganisms in air ducts to a safe level. Once the interior surface is cleaned, it can be sanitized using select chemicals, plant-based liquids, and heat to kill bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and fungus. Air duct sanitizing will not only disinfect the ducts but also inhibit the growth of the contaminants for several months, typically up to 6 months.

Ductwork sanitization is crucial, especially if an animal died in your duct system, you had water damage, or you’re experiencing aggravated allergy symptoms lately. You’ll undoubtedly find this type of service worth every penny.

What are the Benefits of Professional Air Duct Sanitizing

Here are the two main perks of having your air ducts sanitized by professional HVAC specialists.

Better air quality

The fundamental purpose of sanitizing air ducts is, of course, to control the accumulation and growth of contaminants that may spread germs and triggers through the air you breathe in your home.

Air ducts can be a perfect environment for mold growth. Water from minor leaks or condensation can get trapped in isolated and hard to reach areas. Insulation will keep the trapped water warm, thus encouraging the mold spores and bacteria to replicate very fast.

The contaminants can be circulated throughout your home when the AC is running, which can severely compromise the indoor air quality. It can cause or aggravate several health issues, such as aspergillosis and asthma.

Ductwork treatments will remove the existing mold and kill any spores that may be floating around after cleaning the duct system.

Eliminate unusual scents

If you don’t disinfect the mold and mildew and prevent their growth, you can be sure that the earthy or musty odor will keep on flowing back into your rooms.

Air duct sanitizing can reach all areas of your ductwork and provide the right amount of coating needed to remove unpleasant smells along the interior surfaces effectively. Your home will smell fresh and clean, and this can significantly contribute to a good quality of life.

Air Duct Sanitizing Experts you can Trust in San Antonio, TX!

Air duct sanitizing is not a typical surface sanitation procedure. It involves a great deal of work that demands professional expertise and special equipment and tools to get the job done. For trusted and reliable air duct sanitizing technicians in San Antonio, TX, call Texas Air Repair today to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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