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How do Humidifiers Work?

What is a Humidifiers?

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Humidifiers operate in the opposite manner of dehumidifiers. Instead of reducing the moisture level in a single room or entire building, they increase it. For humidifiers serving a whole building, they are usually connected to the HVAC systems. Single-room humidifiers are often portable types. These appliances or devices, which are primarily powered by electricity, can help make your home safe and comfortable.

If you’re gravitating towards investing in humidifiers, it’s essential to know at least the basics. Well, we’ve got it all covered in this post.

How Do Humidifiers Work?

Humidifiers use different technologies, but they primarily function the same way — adding moisture in a self-regulatory manner. They have a reservoir of water that’s attached to the base. When there’s low humidity, the humidifier controls will be activated. Air typically passes through a filter and prompts the expulsion of some water in the form of steam or mist. The humidifier will keep adding water vapor to the circulated air as necessary.

What Are Humidifiers Used For?

A humidifier controls dryness that can otherwise cause adverse health effects, resulting in skin and respiratory distress. It’s a great appliance to have in your building if some of your family members suffer from allergies, dry skin or throat, bloody or irritated noses, sinus headaches, frequent coughs, and cracked lips. Preventing indoor air from becoming too dry might help relieve these issues.

What are the Benefits of Humidifiers?

Loosen congestion: Mucus can become dry and thick due to the low level of moisture inside your living or office spaces. This can make nasal passages to feel so much clogged with sticky phlegm and, eventually, be the reason for sore throat and sinus pain. Using a humidifier would be a great way to counteract the issues.

Alleviate allergy and respiratory symptoms: Asthma and allergic patients may experience aggravated symptoms when moisture level drops significantly, especially below 30 percent. Since humidifiers can get moisture into airways and support clear passages, they facilitate filtering out any potential allergens and irritants.

Reduce snoring: Keeping airways lubricated might help with snoring. Clear nasal passages allow you to breathe a lot easier, which can relieve the snoring symptoms.

Keep skin and hair moist: Dry air will evaporate moisture from your skin and hair. As a result, you’re likely to experience itchy skin that can also crack and wrinkle. Hair, on the other hand, may brittle. Putting moisture back into the air to acceptable levels can help.

Protect wooden furniture and other valuable items: Low humidity put’s your furniture at risk of shrinking, cracking, and splitting. Your books, artworks, and papers may also be affected. A humidifier might prevent this problem and make the items last longer.

Reduce static electricity: Keeping the humidity level within the recommended range may help prevent the buildup of static electricity. This will, in turn, avoid damage on semiconductor devices, as well as static cling of textiles.

Save money: Increasing the humid level will make your living spaces warmer compared to when there’s dry air. This could help reduce your energy consumption and save money.

Humidifiers can make a great addition to your home depending on your needs. However, some people need dehumidifiers. If you’re confused about the difference between the two, check out our humidifier vs dehumidifier post where we break down everything you need to know. 

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