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Your heat pump, like any other mechanical system, will develop some issues that can impede its functionality. Failing to regulate the indoor temperature sufficiently can be a nuisance. As such, you’ll undoubtedly want to schedule a heat pump repair as quickly as possible, especially if you have a newborn or live with elderly parents.

We’ll walk you through the heat pump repair process and ensure you know what to expect along the way.

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What Does Heat Pump Repair Include?

Professional repair technicians will first check your thermostat and ensure there’s no faulty wiring or defective standard/programmable thermostat issues. They’ll check for condenser – related problems like faulty timer motors, low refrigerant levels, blockages, and damaged defrost control boards. Heat pump repair also includes fixing ductwork issues, including leaks, poor ductwork connection, improperly sized ducts, and crimped ductwork.

Benefits of Heat Pump Repair

There are several reasons to have your heat pump system repaired, but here are the top ones:

You’ve probably heard it a couple of times that a malfunctioning system can add hundreds of dollars a year to your heating bills. It’s true because the heating unit often struggles and overworks to make up for its inefficiency.

As a result, more energy than usual is used in the process. Fixing the issues behind impended functionality will not only keep your utility bills down but also help reduce your carbon footprint or impact on the environment.


Some parts of your heating unit will experience normal wear and tear. Regular maintenance may reveal the necessary repairs to be carried out to keep your system at peak performance. This will reduce the risk of potential breakdowns that could possibly lead to replacing the entire system before you exhaust its lifespan.


When there’s a defect within your heat pump, chances are you’ll start to experience less comfort in your living spaces. It’s because the heat is usually not evenly distributed, resulting in some rooms feeling cooler or warmer than expected.

You’ll notice that this issue cannot be solved even by making adjustments on your thermostat. Or, maybe your thermostat isn’t working correctly. Fortunately, a heat pump repair service can restore the efficiency of your unit and help your family to feel more comfortable in any season.

Heat Pump Repair Cost

The average cost of heat pump repair in San Antonio falls somewhere between $65 and $1,400. The cost is influenced by multiple factors, such as the type of heat pump installed in your home, ease of access for repairs, and the number of parts that need to be replaced.

What your neighbors paid isn’t what you’ll pay. Every repair case is different with unique needs. So the best course of action is to have a professional technician inspect your heat pump system to detect the problems that affect you and then provide you with a detailed quote.

Heat Pump Repair in San Antonio, TX Texas Air Repair

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