Ants in Air Conditioner Contractors Texas Air Repair

Do You Have Ants In Air Conditioner?

There’s no doubt that ants are a common problem for many Texas homeowners. However, there’s something that rarely crops up in our minds — ants finding a way into air conditioners and causing damage. Ants, especially the tawny crazy ants, can wreak havoc on your heating and cooling unit.

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Owner of Texas Air Repair AC and Heating Henry Rodriguez

What is the Ideal Room Temperature for an Elderly Person?

The ideal room temperature for an elderly person men and women over 65 years of age, that temperature is 18 degrees C or about 65 degrees F.

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What To Put in your Humidifier to Prevent Mold

If you suffer from dry skin, or allergies, a humidifier can help. However, humidifiers use water and heat, which, creates an environment for mold to grow.

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air conditioner smells like paint thinner

What Does it Mean When Your Air Conditioner Smells Like Paint Thinner?

If you’ve noticed a weird or paint thinner smells from your air conditioniner, it probably means something has fouled it or it isn’t working properly.

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Where Can You Legally Dispose of an Air Filter?

If you want to learn where can you can dispose of an air filter, check out our post for the exact steps to take to legally dispose of your air filter.

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How To Tell If Your Home's AC Compressor is Bad Texas Air Repair (2)

How To Tell If Your Home’s AC Compressor is Bad

One of the most important parts of your home’s AC, the air compressor also takes the most abuse. The constant wear and tear can, unfortunately, …

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