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Clean air ducts are a fundamentally important part of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. However, the ducts can lose their efficiency in circulating air within your building if they become clogged with dirt and dust. Well, there are several common indicators of poorly performing ducts, including high utility bills, stuffy rooms, and difficulty in achieving ideal temperature in some rooms.

It’s a good idea to get in touch with professional air duct cleaners to inspect your HVAC system and determine if the ducts need cleaning. A typical cleaning process includes removing dust buildup and contaminants present in the ductwork, which includes supply ducts, return ducts, registers, and diffusers.

What are the Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning?

Reduce allergens and irritants inside your home: 

Cleaning will get rid of the harmful contaminants and airborne dust particles that would otherwise be re-circulated within your rooms repeatedly, posing a health risk to anyone with allergy and respiratory issues. By eliminating mold spores, microbes, bacteria, and pet dander, you can improve the safety in your home.

Odor elimination

Dirty ducts can trap odor particles from pets, combustion fumes, tobacco smoking, etc. The result is unpleasant smells and odors circulating throughout your home again and again. If a musty scent is coming off your ventilation system, then that’s a sign of fungi, mold, and mildew. With thorough air duct cleaning services, you can restore the freshness in your spaces.

Improve system durability

Air duct cleaning is part of routine maintenance, which is highly recommended to maximize the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Reduce energy consumption

Removing heavy buildup dust and grime means the system will no longer have to overwork, trying to keep your living spaces warm or cool effectively. This will help save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Cost

Most professional air duct cleaning companies often charge anywhere between $300 and $1,000. The cost will, however, vary depending on things like the size of your home, type of ductwork, level of contamination, air duct repairs needed, accessibility, and amount of labor. 

Since the demands of every building may differ, you should request a quote from a cleaning company to know exactly how much you’ll pay for the service.

Air Duct Cleaning Process

Air duct cleaning services in San Antonio, TX Texas Air Repair

When our air duct cleaning professionals come to your property, the first thing they’ll do is to assess the condition of your ventilation system. Experts have imaging and access devices to examine the ductwork carefully. An inspection will not only help identify where there’s debris and dust buildup but also potential cracks and leaks.

Once the cleaners have identified the dirt areas, they’ll attach a powerful vacuum system to the duct to remove dirt. Debris stuck inside the walls is collected typically using power brushes, with the help of direct-view periscopes and mirrors.

When mold or mildew is detected within your ductwork, cleaners will use chemicals and sanitizers to remove the contaminants.

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If you need professional air duct cleaning services in San Antonio, Houston, or the surrounding areas, Texas Air Repair has got you covered. Our skilled technicians will find the source of your ducting problems and improve the indoor air quality in your home.

Air Duct Cleaning Services in San Antonio, TX Texas Air Repair

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